Plumbing services in Central Queensland


At Xport Plumbing, we do more than fix leaky pipes. Since 2008, we’ve helped hundreds of customers all over the Central Queensland with leaking fixtures, blocked mainlines, gas line installations, roof installations, fire protection services, dust suppression, water jetting and more.

Below, we’ll quickly touch on some of our primary service categories. This is a brief overview of each service. If you’ve seen enough and want to talk, give us a call or use our online contact form to reach out.
Pipe — Plumbing Service in Gladstone, QLD
From emergency situations to preventative maintenance, plumbing problems can cause some major issues. Don’t let a small leak become a bigger problem. One phone call is all it takes to fix any plumbing issue you have.
Different Pipes — Plumbing Service in Gladstone, QLD
Whether you need a quick fix or complete overhaul, our experienced technicians understand the importance of completing the job fast and professionally. We do our best to blend in without affecting your day-to-day operations.
Ongoing Service — Plumbing Service in Gladstone, QLD
We have the tools and the manpower to handle industrial jobs of any size. From small warehouses to massive mining operations (and everything in between), we are ready for your industrial plumbing project(s).
Heating System — Plumbing Service in Gladstone, QLD
Not only do we handle common plumbing issues—we also install and repair hot water systems. We can start from scratch or work with your existing electric or gas system. Don’t trust just anyone – trust the company that’s been handling plumbing and gas ... Read more
Checking Gas Meter — Plumbing Service in Gladstone, QLD
Looking to convert your system to natural gas? We have licensed gasfitters who can help with the installation of new cooktops, wall ovens, upright cookers and BBQs too. If you’re ready to switch from electric to gas, our experienced team is ready to help.
Roof — Plumbing Service in Gladstone, QLD
Tired of water falling on your head when you step outside during a rainy day? Maybe you don’t like the runoff on your flower bed. Install a properly designed and plumbed roofing system with gutters to direct where you want the water to go.
When your gutters get clogged up, the water can quickly back up into your roof and home or end up in other undesired locations. Cleaning out the gutters is a dirty, dangerous and necessary job. We can clean out your gutters, make sure that they are functioning perfectly and even repair them if they aren’t.
Gutter Service — Plumbing Service in Gladstone, QLD